"The Captain is lost at sea, fighting his fears"

I collaborated with my friends of Tu Taller, to create The Captain, a 3D printed figure.
We produced a limited and numbered edition of 10.

Illustration: Alejandro Giraldo
Art direction: Alejandro Giraldo / Tu Taller
Modeling and 3d printing: Tu Taller
Carved Wood Figure: Local Artisan
Photography: Estudio Silva Moreno
3d model 
3d printed figure
3d printed figure in ABS and  Packaging design, Limited edition of 10 
Bonus; Limited edition carved wood figure by a local artisan.
Bonus: Limited edition 3D printed figure in Resin
If interested in buying the Limited Edition 3d printing, please write to hello@alejogiraldo.com
Price: usd $120 + Shipping , Numbered Edition of 15

Carved Wood, edition of 15:  usd $150  + Shipping
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